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Individual Training Sessions.
Whether you are looking to 'refresh' your current routine or would like to ‘check us out’ before
starting the 8 Week Edge™ program, our trainers are available for individual training sessions.
Rates range from $50 - $85 per session.

A smart way to save money but reap the benefits from one-on-one training. Edge offers discounted
rates for two person training sessions.

Onsite Training.
We offer one-on-one personal training at the location of your choice. All necessary equipment is provided.
Rates available upon request.

Nutrition Plans.
Proper eating habits are the key to achieving the best results. We will review your current diet, develop
a customized online meal plan based on your fitness goals and empower you with valuable tools to help
you make the right decisions at meal time.

Seminars and Workshops.
Edge Fitness offers an array of fun, educational nutrition and fitness seminars. Our group seminars
will provide your social group, networking club, or business, with a motivational workshop on the
fitness topics of your choice. It’s a great way to experience the EDGE Advantage! 

All training takes place at our state of the art, private training facility, Diverge Gym, Co-Owned by Edge Fitness.