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Edge Fitness is more than a workout. We are a balanced approach to fitness that helps
you cover all the essentials required for strong and sustainable results. Using our
8 Week Edge™ program, we will design a customized fitness and nutrition plan to achieve
the results you want while comfortably fitting it into your everyday lifestyle. Whether you
need to better your health, performance or appearance the Edge Team will motivate and
empower you to achieve these goals.

E.D.G.E represents our 4-point system:

E • valuate. We take pride in our assessment process. This
is what makes our approach different. If you are to have a
plan that is highly effective and ‘fits’ your schedule then it is
important that we learn all aspects of your daily life, present
abilities, posture, diet and exercise history, along with your
specific goals.

D • evelop. We tailor the most efficient fitness program by
analyzing the results of your initial evaluation. During this
important design and instruction period we don’t just tell you
what to do, we teach you the ‘why’ behind each strategy and get
you involved in the path towards your specific goal – this is one
of the biggest keys to your success.

G • enerate awesome workouts. Now it is time to push and
motivate, we will challenge your body with multiplaner, highly
effective exercises. We don’t just isolate muscles; we get the body
to work as a team so that we can tap your full potential. Whether
your goal is to burn body fat, increase performance, or get stronger, our training method will push your
body through powerful workouts and deliver results.

E • volve. To maintain the changes it is essential that you enjoy the process, not just the results. We strive to
help you develop a positive association to your workouts and choices and the feelings they bring to you. Our
all important follow up system will help you stay connected with your trainer and goals, avoid plateaus and stay

All training takes place at our state of the art, private training facility, Diverge Gym, Co-Owned by Edge Fitness.